About RFP


Thousands of people flee annually from violence and crisis in the countries of origin, being forced to request immigration relief in places that are foreign to them. They must undergo multiple geographic and legal obstacles, often having little knowledge of the procedures in the system they must face and lacking a network of trustworthy service providers. The host community does not always understand or empathizes with the obstacles they have been subjected to in order to arrive there. In lieu of opening up to offer freedom to these migrants, some countries and people close their doors to them.


To provide effective legal support to the people fleeing conflicts in their countries aiming to obtain freedom, stability and safety in exile.


To reach the largest amount of geographic spaces capable of providing freedom and safety to those persecuted by governments and organizations that are intolerant and violators of human rights.


  • Educate the community migrating due to unjust persecution about their legal alternatives.
  • Provide low-cost legal services to apply for Political Asylum and other forms of immigration relief on behalf of the refugees that qualify.
  • Share a trustworthy network of allies in multiple areas of interest to service the new migrants.
  • Coordinate efforts so that the communities hosting refugees learn about the about the reasons of their migration.